Choctaw Memorial Hospital, 1405 East Kirk Street Hugo, Oklahoma

Answer on Hospital Question to be soon

City Attorney James Bounds, Dr. and Mrs. H. E. Wolfe, Harold Griffith and Lester McDougall conferred with Mainard Kennerly, assistant to the state attorney general, in Oklahoma City in regard to some non-profit organization leasing the Choctaw County memorial Hospital upon completion with all profits to go into the improvement of the hospital.

The Hugo representatives pointed out that there were no funds to begin the operation of the hospital and stated that they believed the hospital would operate more efficiently under non-profit organization such as some church group.

They were assured that within ten days County Attorney Vester V. Songer would receive a reply in regard to this matter from the attorney general.

In a letter written on November 3,1949, to the attorney general by the Choctaw County Attorney, Songer pointed out that the original proposition voted upon carried the provision that the hospital would be "county owned and county operated".

Songer then posed this question, "If it is possible under the State statutes to transfer the management and control of the hospital, my next question is would it still be possible to do so with the provision that the hospital be county owned and county operated and if this clause does restrict the transfer of control, then could it be possible to call an election on the proposition of transferring the management and control of the hospital to some group other than the county."

The group who visited in Oklahoma City placed the proposition before the attorney general's assistant in a more positive manner and pointed out that the constitutional provision of the hospital being county owned and county operated may not apply in the strictest sense of the word since the leasing of the hospital to some non-profit organization would be.

Article posted with permission from HDN