Choctaw Memorial Hospital, 1405 East Kirk Street Hugo, Oklahoma

Doctors Urge We Keep Present Garbage System

This article originally ran in the Hugo Daily News on Marh 9, 1950.

The Choctaw County Medical Association today issued a statement urging the voters of Hugo to retain the present garbage collection law. The doctors stated that the garbage collection law offers the greatest health protection that could be obtained by anyone at the small monthly cost. It said "disease is no respecter of persons. One man's garbage can breed the disease that kills his neighbor's child". In the interest of the health of the community the doctors plan to conduct a campaign to keep the present sanitation laws.

In connection with their strong support of the present law the various doctors made the following statements.

Dr. Floyd Waters:

"If it were not so important to the health of the community the doctors would not urge the people to keep the present garbage collection law, but the cost is so small in comparison to the great health insurance obtained that the garbage collection law must not be repeated."

Dr. H. D. Wolfe:

"No person could spend eighty cents each month on medicine and obtain better benefits to his health that through the eighty cents per month cost of the garbage collection law".

Dr. J. D. Moore:

"The health of our children is being greatly improved, since the disease carried by flies, maggots, and other insects have been brought under control by the garbage collection law, and will continue to improve under the protection of the garbage collection law".

"I am advising my patients that they can protect themselves from dangerous diseases through the small cost of the garbage collection program. If they are not protected against these diseases by the garbage collection program it may likely cost them hundreds of dollars or even their life."

Article posted with permission from HDN.