Choctaw Memorial Hospital, 1405 East Kirk Street Hugo, Oklahoma

Jenner Outlines Hospital Projects Necessary for Opening During January

This article originally ran in the Hugo Daily News on October 21, 1949

In a factual release to the supervisory committee of the Choctaw County Memorial hospital, Ralph Jenner, chairman of the board of control, outlines "why $7,500 must be raised for operational costs of the hospital for one month, plans the beautification and landscaping of the grounds and the construction of driveway and walks.

He pointed out that the people of Choctaw County voted a bond issue in the sum of $200,000 to be participated in by the federal government for the construction of the county hospital. After the voting of these bonds, application was made to the federal government for the participation of one-third of the cost of construction. Plans and specifications having been approved by the federal government; the sum of $97,000 was made available for the hospital by the government.

A contract was drawn by the board of Choctaw County Commissioners with Shamrock and ... Contractors, of Tyler, Texas, for the construction of a hospital according to the plans and specifications theretofore submitted to the federal agencies.

These plans and specifications were prepared by Frankfurt and Coston, architects of Oklahoma City, and covered not only the building itself, but the equipment to be installed in the hospital.

The Choctaw County Medical Association members state ... the equipment to be installed ... the very latest design will offer to the patients of the hospital every means of advance diagnosis and treatment for all forms of illness. This hospital is designed as a 32-bed hospital, being constructed of brick and tile. In addition to the rooms for patients, it has been necessary... a delivery room, a ... a First aid room ...

Contrary to the general opinion, although there will be some money left in the bond fund ... be used in any manner for operational expenses. This means bond money may be used for groceries, salaries ...

Article posted with permission from HDN.