Choctaw Memorial Hospital, 1405 East Kirk Street Hugo, Oklahoma

Opinion to be Received on Leasing Hospital

This article originally ran in the Hugo Daily News on November 8, 1949.

It was the consensus of opinion of the group meeting in the county court room last night that the Choctaw County Memorial Hospital be turned over to some non-profit organization if an opinion from the attorney general permitted such action.

By that means, the group felt that the hospital would be removed from county politics.

Although County Attorney Vester Songer was not present to give an opinion on this matter, it was decided by the group that he should make a formal request in writing that an opinion be given by the attorney general as soon as possible and that the four presidents of the P-TA units of Hugo accompany Songer on a trip to Oklahoma City with the next few days in order that attorney general may be personally contacted by all five representatives and give them a personal opinion on the matter.

For some time it has been requested that such an opinion be received, but nothing has been done to date on the matter, so far as the group could discern. The county attorney is the logical one to get such an opinion.

It was also decided that if this can be legally done, then all church groups who contract for hospitals should be contacted as soon as possible in order to lease the Choctaw County memorial hospital to one of the groups.

Nothing will be done on raising the $10,000 in the fund driveuntil an opinion or this matter is received, it was pointed out.

It Is believed by this group that the hospital will be assured of successful operation under the banner of some church organization and that the outcome is doubtful if it is controlled by political factors.

Article posted with permission from HDN.